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(PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Until now, it was not possible for young Muslim couples to really get to know each other, because the Muslim world does not accept dating in the way other cultures understand dating. Having a string of boyfriends or girlfriends before settling down into a permanent relationship, something so readily accepted elsewhere, is totally out of the question for Muslims.

Even in the most lenient families, young men and women are not allowed to spend time alone together, and dating is seen strictly as a prelude to an impending engagement, which is typically followed fairly quickly by the marriage.

This means that couples can only meet under the supervision of family members, often for only short periods at a time. More often than not a couple has very little time to find out about each other’s likes, dislikes and general views on life before they get married.Occasionally, families living within non-Muslim communities will allow a young couple to go out with a circle of close friends or relatives of their own age. This, however, can lead to them being harassed by ‘locals’.

This kind of persecution is typically the result of many misunderstandings and unprovoked racial hatred, something which is very sad and totally unacceptable, but will happen nonetheless.

Thanks to Alnaddy, or rather, all this has changed. This Website has been specifically designed to be a safe meeting place for Muslim men and women to find someone they feel they could spend the rest of their life with and spend some time dating each other over the Internet.The site is easy to use, and everything is being done to ensure that it is indeed a safe place to be for all those who meet here. Because the couples are free from any kind of physical temptation here, their families rarely object to this kind of dating.As a result, potential couples can take all the time they need to get to know each other before actually meeting in ‘the real world’. If they find that they are not really compatible, they will never meet, nothing is lost and no-one will hold it against them.

So far, more than 250,000 members from Muslim communities around the world have signed on to, and more new members are being added day by day.There is little surprise that the site is so very popular with unmarried Muslims everywhere. Here they can meet the person they are looking for without fear of doing wrong or being persecuted.They know they are perfectly safe, they know they have the approval of their families to be here and they no longer have to take the risk of walking more or less blindly into a marriage they may later regret.

What’s more, the services offered on this site are obviously leading to success. Every month, at least three marriages resulting from couples finding and meeting each other on this excellent Website are announced. Just this month a couple that met at was married in the United Arab Emirates, while another couple in Palestine married a month ago and many other couples have announced their engagements.There is no doubt what-so-ever that provides the perfect, safest meeting place for Muslim men and women around the globe.


Alnaddy is an Arabic internet portal that has been providing quality content to millions of visitors from all over the Arab world for seven years now. The site provides various content channels that update around the clock to deliver the latest news, useful information that include weather reports and prayer times, as well as popular content such as lyrics of hit songs, celebrity news, Women’s information channel and more.

The site operates a vast dating section with tens of thousands of members from all over the Arab world that use the site to seek and find life partners. The service is completely free of charge.


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