Ashley Madison website shows that 40,000 Irish want to have affairs

In 2009 the website arrived to Ireland. The site that allows “attached people” to flirt with married men and women has so far attracted 41,341 Irish folks who are in the market to be unfaithful.


According to the website’s customer numbers in Ireland have grown by nearly 170 percent in the last year. Whether this is due to the website becoming more widely known or the stress of Ireland’s financial difficulties it’s hard to tell but these figure really are shocking.


The website was officially launched in the United Kingdom in 2009 and since then the Irish seem to have taken to the concept with gusto.


CEO of the website Noel Biderman told that it’s not the aim of the website to encourage infidelity. However the website’s tagline is “Life is short. Have an affair”.


Biderman said “There is no way anyone in a happy relationship will have an affair no matter how many websites exist…The presence of our website is not the cause of the affair. Long before we launched there was infidelity and long after I’m gone, people will cheat,”


Weirdly Biderman confirmed that he is a happily married father of two.


He makes a case for the website saying that affairs in the workplace, or in the community are often doubly-destructive. However if you use the site then you’re cutting out the risk factor of getting caught.


He said “There may be a moment in someone’s life when they believe that the best thing for them to do is meet someone new. For those people, they should not use a singles [site].”


In Ireland, almost half the site’s users are Dublin however members include people from all 26 counties. Overall this site is active in 17 countries, through seven languages and now has over 12 million users.


Do you believe this website is providing a necessary service for the modern world of dating or is it creepy and immoral?

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