Officially Launches with the Introduction of Pay-Per-Match Online Dating

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ —, the premier astrology dating website, today announced its official site launch with removal of the beta tag and unveiling of a new pay-per-match option.


Catering to an estimated market of 89 million astrology believers in the Unites States, the site provides singles with the option to pay as little as 99 cents for a compatibility match. Based on a comprehensive synastry-based matching algorithm, matches singles along all of a person’s astrological alignments as well as their stated interests.


“Nearly 29 percent of Americans look to astrology for life and love advice. My goal is to create a thriving community where they can connect and find love,” said Hilary Young, CEO of and a natal astrologer of more than 20 years. “There are more than 5.5 million people using online dating services. For singles looking for that one perfect someone, pay-per-match makes more sense than a subscription. With our algorithm and accurate readings, one match may be all it takes to make the right connection.”


While subscription services dominate the $1.2 billion a year online dating industry,, which comes out of two years in beta with 15,000 users, now offers both subscription and individual match payment options. For 99 cents, users can be matched on one of three tiers – friendship, romance, and sexual compatibility – or they can be matched on all three tiers for $1.99. Each tier comes with an up to two-page report containing detailed readings and compatibility scores for each astrological alignment. Monthly subscriptions with unlimited reports are available for $34.95 or $74.95 for a 3-month unlimited subscription.


Seed funding for the site came from founder Hilary Young and investor Peter T. Paul, CEO of Headlands Asset Management, owner and chairman of Peter Paul Wines, and president of West Biofuels.


About is for singles looking to make a real connection based on their unique astrological blueprint. Matching your comprehensive personality chart alongside thousands of like-minded singles, we offer the best potential for true happiness.


Unlike sites primarily based on shallow metrics such as your profile picture, age and stated interests, uses full chart synastry matchmaking that has been around since 300BC. Our comprehensive algorithm is based on all planetary placements derived from your birth date, birth-location and time of birth. Paired with personal preferences, these provide insights on three levels – friendship, romance, and sexual compatibility – ultimately connecting individuals on a more spiritual level than is available anywhere else.


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