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In recent years dating websites have developed into environments where scammers thrive, signing up as members to lure personal information from users seeking a love connection. Indications are that the dating fraud grosses hundreds of millions of dollars annually and the losses are continuing to escalate. To provide a safe dating haven for users, a website must keep out the fraudsters which operate mainly in other countries outside of the United States. Blackdatingnet has taken a productive approach to keeping the bad guys out, and has implemented the Min fraud detection system to block all potential scammers.

MaxMind minFraud is a solution that can help detect and prevent “dating fraud”. In this case, dating fraud refers to criminals who use fake identities in order to develop relationships with dating site users. Once the criminals have successfully made a connection, they will attempt to extort or scam users in a number of different ways. Dating fraud can damage the reputation of your dating site and, in some cases, devastate the lives of the victims who not only lost money, but also someone with whom they believed they developed a relationship.

How Min Fraud Works

The majority of these scammers reside outside the country that they claim to be in, most of the times outside of the United States. Often, they will be pretending to be people who are temporarily working abroad. By examining the geographical location of their Internet connection and matching it against where they claim to be, minFraud can help filter out basic skilled scam organizations. For scammers that know how to spoof their IP address, additional open proxy checks and login analysis can detect even the most sophisticated scammer.

What is being reviewed before you are granted membership

Geographical IP address location checking

High risk IP address and e-mail checking

Issuing bank BIN Number country matching*

minFraud Network

Post query analysis

As we grow into the largest black dating network we will continue to implement features to provide the safest platform, that is our priority and goal. ( Tech Staff)

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