Cheating partners panic as dating site details go public, which encourages users to ‘chat, flirt, meet up and have fun,’ has a ‘See who you know’ online search that will let people find out which of their email contacts has signed up.

Membership is not required – you simply need to type in your email address and password for Badoo to access your contacts and find out which names are registered to the website.

Badoo, which launched in 2006, has more than a million British members logging in every month.

Some people who failed to make their public search options private have been shocked by the realisation that partners may be able to check if they are a member, or that forgotten memberships are still ‘live’.

Even single Badoo members may not want to make their membership public.

Badoo is free but users can pay to have their profile at the top of a page where it is more visible.

A recent poll of 85,000 Badoo members revealed that 59 per cent of users had met someone they first contacted through the site, and 30 per cent admitted to meeting fellow users for sex.

Badoo said it was the user’s choice to make their details public.

A spokesperson said: ‘The privacy settings allow users to easily opt out of being found by their email addresses.’



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