Cupid is aiming his arrow at Jewish online dating

Three new Jewish dating websites have been set up in the U.S. over the past two months, and ten more are slated to launch in the coming year, as part of a Chabad network that hopes to one day go global.,, and were launched in their respective cities, following the success of Rabbi Yisroel Bernath’s

Bernath, who is also a Chabad rabbi, took his matchmaking abilities online after he made twenty matches in his community. So far, according to Chabad, has facilitated more than 250 introductions.


Bernath partnered with Chabad centers in the U.S. and Canada who cater to young professionals, to establish websites that would help young singles find a match within their own city. In addition to the four websites that are currently live, ten additional sites are set to be launched over the coming year, including in Sydney, Australia, which is run by Rabbi Mendel Kastel.

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