Clunker Owners Take Heed — Trade Up or Leave

The recently launched and ever so popular free dating site for car enthusiasts,, is asking its thousands of registered, online users to: ‘Trade Up their Clunker Cars or Leave the Site!’


Kevin Kacinskas, CEO of confirmed, “Upon launch, we allowed anyone with any type of car to join our site — no matter what year, make, model or color. Unfortunately, our loyal users began submitting numerous complaints about their ‘horrible’ dating experiences with people who drive old, beat up or smelly cars.


“In response, we had to react immediately and review our rapidly growing user database to identify the people who drove clunkers. As a result, we had to contact several thousand users to ask them to either trade in their ‘Pintos’ for a newer or nicer car, or leave our site.


“Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority,” commented Mr. Kacinskas. “We can’t jeopardize our site’s unique dating experience by allowing people to date other people who drive cars with no air conditioning or cars that haven’t been washed since 1999. This situation not only creates a negative dating experience, but it potentially creates a number of health issues for our clients, physically and mentally.


“Going forward we are implementing a sophisticated screening software to allow us to automatically detect and weed-out user profiles that own and drive clunkers. For the unlucky ones, we are providing a little hope — we have now set up a program where people can visit our website and apply for an auto loan with an approval rate of 99%.” ( ) is the world’s largest free dating website for car enthusiasts. DMR is a unique, dating service solution that allows users to choose their potential mate based on the type of car they drive. Date My Ride is a free and fun way of meeting your ‘ride mate.’ “What if you want to meet a ‘big shot’? Look for people driving a Bentley, Ferrari or Porsche. Or if your dream date is a ‘flower girl,’ then search for a girl with Volkswagen Beetle.” There have been over 100 reported successful dates and several marriages that have been nurtured on Date My Ride.






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