DateMySchool Expands to 600 Colleges, 25 Percent Of NYU Students

On Wednesday October 19th, college dating school DateMySchool (DMS) expanded to 600 campuses nationwide. Students from across the country can now find a new college-educated fuckbuddy (or a fiancée, like these insane people). DMS only started last November, and has grown to 55,000 members. In a rather shocking statistic perhaps representative of NYU’s (slightly pathetic) dating scene, 25% of students, as in 6,500 of them, have accounts.

What was once an NYU and Columbia-centric site has gotten huge, and they plan to expand even further. Thousands of users come from Harvard, MIT and Michigan State, and since the expansion hundreds of students join the site each day from Rutgers, University of Colorado Boulder, Virginia Tech and UNC-Charlotte among others. New York is still the largest base for DMS, but they’re nationally known and growing every day.

When asked if DMS was totally focused on dating, or if it had become more of a social networking site, Director of Public Relations Melanie Wallner responded, “Whether for dating, relational or study purposes, DMS is the go-to place to discover new friends, not necessarily connect with old ones. We want to help students and alumni safely and easily discover new people on campus and on campuses nearby.”

There are advantages to using DMS over a regular site like OKCupid, where it’s extremely easy to start a career as a prostitute. DMS is, as Melanie described, a reverse social network. This means you can see people you don’t know, but can trust. And you can trust them because DateMySchool is only accessible with a university email address, which in theory translates to one real, non-sex offender human (and sadly not multiple Tom Haverfords).

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