‘City Folks Just Don’t Get It’

This is a tough time of year for a lot of people. Singles, especially.


While traditional media show images of families caroling next to lighted trees and making gingerbread houses in warm, friendly kitchens, there are many among us who can only quietly observe, having no one close with whom to celebrate. New Year’s Eve is just six days away.


Not surprisingly, during the holiday season, online dating sites see a surge in interest and membership.


“This time of the year, and Valentines (Day), people start thinking about it, about finding their lifelong match,” says Lynn Woolf, spokeswoman for, a unique online dating site.


There are the very popular and well-advertised sites – eHarmony,, Tableforsix – but this was one place on the Internet I’d surely never seen.


I discovered when back in Wisconsin last week, back in farm country. A local tv station ran a FarmersOnly commercial. Being the inquisitive journalist – and single – I had to check it out.


FarmersOnly is based in Pepper Pike, Ohio. The site claims to have grown from 2,000 members five years ago to over 150,000 today. It’s stated slogan: “Because city folks just don’t get it”.


The idea is simple. Farmers and ranchers, male and female, have the need to meet eligible singles just like their city counterparts. Yet out in the country, socializing is a little tougher, things spread out as they often are, farmers and ranchers working long hours as they often do, with little time for dating.


“Sometimes in small towns, you’re not able to meet a lot of people,” says Woolf. “Especially if you’re farmers, you’re not meeting people at work.”

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