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OPW INTERVIEW – Jan 3 – Gary Kremen, started it all. He’s the original CEO and the founder of Here’s his story. – Mark Brooks

You founded in 1993. What was your original vision?

Our original vision was a dating service based on email. My genesis and idea was to find the right woman for myself. I had the idea that if I put all the women in the world in a database and sorted it on my criteria I’d find the right woman to marry.


How do you think the site has improved over the years?

Clearly the web and mobile interface has reached consumers and what they are doing today. Deeper databases, different ways of reaching…it has been impertinent.


Back in 1996 you had a disagreement with the VC’s that were funding regarding serving alternative markets. What were the alternative markets?

I saw an opportunity. was about long-term relationships that were not considered casual dating. The long term relationships definitely could give online dating present value but I thought that short term relationships, gay/lesbian dating, different ethnic group targeting was the way to go. They were embarrassed by the whole thing.

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