How Badoo Got 130 Million People Meeting Each Other and $100M In Revenue

Badoo, the online network for meeting new people recently reached 130 million registered users and now brings in $100 million a year. Based out of London’s Silicon Roundabout, Badoo would be the 4th biggest social network if it was just a social network. But Badoo adapts to the local needs of its international user base. In the UK it’s used for casual dating, in the Czech Republic it’s a marriage site, and in Indonesia burqa-clad women find self-expression on the site. To give us insight into how Badoo reached its stellar revenues, built its user base, and succeeded in Europe, we brought Chief Marketing Officer Jessica Powell in to talk to us on TechCrunch TV. Watch as she tells us how 50% of the conversations on Badoo now lead to an offline meetup.

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