Set to Turn Online Dating Upside Down by Completely Reversing Traditional Approach

SYDNEY, Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — ( ) is not just another regular entrant into the already overcrowded online dating landscape. What sets it apart is that it takes the reversed approach to that utilized by traditional dating websites. Whereas traditional dating websites enable people to meet online and then hopefully offline, iTiggy enables people who have already encountered each other offline to then meet online. In short, iTiggy connects strangers who have already “connected.”


“This simple twist is proving to be incredibly effective,” says iTiggy CEO and Founder Daniel Hua. “We have received numerous e-mails from members thanking us for creating iTiggy as it has allowed them to find the person that they were looking for. Additionally, it appears that in some cases relationships are being born in situations where people, unlike those using traditional dating websites, weren’t even actively seeking a relationship. Relationships passively forming this way, that is, between people simply going about their daily business is creating a very exciting change to online dating.”


iTiggy takes the already wildly popular “Craigslist Missed Connections” concept a few steps further, resulting in vastly greater chances that users will find one another. It utilizes a highly detailed yet extremely simple search feature that allows a user to search with the most general details, such as the country in which the encounter occurred, right down to the most specific, such as the color of the top that the other person was wearing. iTiggy also has its own complete internal messaging system and further bolstering its safety, an internal photo swapping system whereby both users must exchange their photo with the other to verify that they have in fact found the right person. Users are completely anonymous and there is no exchanging of names, e-mail addresses or any other identifying information unless and until both users decide to do so.


iTiggy also has a mobile site for smartphones, which incorporates a GPS location based feature. This allows a person to “check-in” and they can instantly see if any other person within their vicinity – ideally the person that they shared an encounter with – has also had an encounter. Dedicated apps for iOS and Android based phones will be released in early 2012.


“Finding a partner on traditional dating websites is like purchasing an item of clothing over the Internet that you’ve never seen or tried on in real life: just because it looks good in the pictures and in the description there’s no guarantee that it will sit right when you try it on. Now imagine trying on a piece of clothing that is perfect on you, leaving the store and then returning to purchase it later, only to be told by the store person that they don’t know which piece you are referring to. That’s the same feeling of regret, the same burdening thoughts of ‘what if’ that countless people are left experiencing every minute around the world after they weren’t able to approach that person that they shared an encounter with. There is something about the feeling of ‘love at first sight,’ the feeling of that ‘spark’ that simply can’t be captured via traditional dating websites, no matter how compatible that other person might seem on paper,” Hua says.


Since its official launch in June 2011, iTiggy has seen enormous growth in registered users and traffic from around the world. This might not come as a surprise, given the national and sometimes international interest stories of people searching for others has attracted. Some notable examples of these are:


November 2007 – after locking eyes with a girl on a train in New York a man creates a website dedicated to finding her,, that would go on to make news headlines around the world


November 2010 – a public servant from Australia e-mails thousands of workmates in a desperate attempt to find a girl that he met at a party


January 2012 – a man’s search for a girl that he met on New Year’s eve in Amsterdam inadvertently sparks a concerted national effort to locate her in Finland


January 2012 – a PR consultant from the United Kingdom uses her contacts to launch a national campaign to find a man that she met while holidaying in Ibiza


“Of course, iTiggy’s use isn’t limited to those looking to reconnect with another person. These tales often make a humorous, entertaining or downright bizarre read, such as the story of the man looking to reconnect with a lady that he had an encounter with while being held at gunpoint during a bank robbery in New York,” Hua says.

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