Jazzed Brings Social Photo Sharing to Online Dating with Its New iOS App Feature

Photo sharing and online dating are intersecting with the help of social dating service Jazzed® (www.jazzed.com). In a first for the dating industry, Jazzed provides an innovative way for members to express themselves and connect with interesting people through their mobile devices. Now available on iTunes, the latest release of Jazzed’s iOS mobile app contains a new feature, inspired by photo sharing apps like Instagram and Mobli, that allows users new ways of self-expression and discovering new people. With over 350,000 mobile downloads of the Jazzed app, this latest feature builds on the momentum and signals the next generation of mobile dating.

“Online dating profiles have followed the same format for the past 15 years,” said Carlos Moreno, Director of Technology for Jazzed. “We want to break that mold and introduce something new and innovative to the dating category starting with mobile. Mobile dating has to evolve to integrate social and sharing.”


Jazzed’s new mobile feature is a constantly updating gallery of images posted by members. People can search by:


the type of photo posted – photos of members (People) or interest-based photos (Things & Places)

who posted (Everyone, Users who match your search criteria) or

location-based (with the Nearby filter).

Connections are created when members engage directly with others by liking or commenting on photos that catch their attention. Photos with the most likes and comments become popular and float to the top of the feed. Members can also share photos on Facebook or Twitter, via iOS5, and extend their Jazzed experience to their social circles.


Members will also be able to tag their photos. A photo at Coachella Music Festival can be tagged “Coachella,” “Alternative Rock,” or “Festival” so it is easy to find and connect with like-minded singles. This “search” by tag function will be available in a subsequent version of the Jazzed app due to be released in mid-November.


This new feature launches with the Jazzed iOS 1.5 app update. Current Jazzed users can update their app, while the enhanced Jazzed iOS app with this photo-sharing feature will be standard for new iOS app users. There are also plans to release this feature as part of the Jazzed Android and general online versions soon.


A demo can be found at Jazzed.com/mobile.

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