Jewish Dating Service JRetroMatch Helps Online Daters Spot Red Flags

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 08, 2011


With nearly a fifth of married couples during the past three years having met online, it has become an extremely common way for people to find love. Online Dating is a great way to meet new people, and has a fantastic success rate at making marriages, which makes it really appealing. is one of those popular and successful services, and serves the Jewish singles community worldwide. JRetroMatch, and partner site (which focuses on the Orthodox Jewish community), has the differential advantage over other sites by having 350 dedicated matchmakers setting up its members, leading to over 1,300 members married.

As with all methods of meeting people, whether through friends or when meeting someone at a bar, JRetroMatch says it’s crucial that those dating put themselves in a safe environment. Whether through fraudulent profiles or suspicious characters, daters should be aware of the red flags that can be found throughout the dating process.

JRetroMatch, due to its 350 matchmakers speaking to many of the 30,000 Jewish singles and performing selective background checks, avoid these issues more than other dating sites are able to do. All singles are highly recommended to investigate potential matches independently but having matchmakers reviewing profiles is helpful in preventing scammers and unhealthy relationships from occurring. Matchmakers are also there to give members advice throughout the dating process, and discuss any concerns.

With hundreds of thousands of people dating online its important to remember that every person has a unique personality filled with good qualities as well as some character flaws. After all, no one is perfect. It must however be emphasized that love and infatuation can blind us into believing that our significant other is perfect while overlooking some potentially really harmful behaviors, so people should be aware. JRetroMatch has put together a list of red flags to help online daters spot someone who is bad news. Here are some signs the Jewish dating service suggest singles look out for:

1. Too fast too soon. He/she wants the relationship to get serious sooner than you are comfortable with.

2. Is constantly a victim. He/she is quick to blame others for troubles in his/her life.

3. Is discourteous. He/she treats the waiter or customer service rudely.

4. Is controlling and possessive. He/she isolates you from your family and friends because he/she feels extremely jealous.

5. It’s my way or the highway! He/she is very strident and must always be in charge.

6. Experiences panic attacks. He/she does not handle stress well and isn’t able to calm down.

7. Dwells too much in the past. He/she talks frequently about his/her past relationships

8. Is too submissive. He/she is a people-pleaser and is not assertive about his/her needs.

9. Is secretive. Everyone has their skeletons in the closet but if he/she refuses to communicate, gives vague answers to specific questions, and doesn’t let you call their home number, be suspicious.

10. Unable to keep promises. He/she is always making promises that he/she can’t commit to and doesn’t offer an explanation.

11. It is a one-sided relationship. If you do all the giving while he/she doesn’t make any effort to sacrifice for you, he/she is taking advantage of you.

12. Doesn’t get along with your family and friends. These people have known you longer than anyone else, so their opinion does carry some weight if they don’t like him/her and he/she refuses to be courteous towards them.

13. Is a little too friendly. He/she is overly flirtatious with the opposite sex and justifies the behavior by saying it is “harmless.”

14. Needs to be taken care of. He/she, looking for a substitute parent because he/she still can’t take care of him/herself

15. Needs anger management. If he/she has a terrible temper and yells, doesn’t apologize, and blames you for it – run for the hills!

16. Has a difficult relationship with his parents. He/she doesn’t treat his parents respectfully and speaks disparagingly of them.

17. Is always right. He/she can’t take criticism and always justifies his actions

18. Conditional love. He/she withdraws his love or approval as punishment, which can make you feel insecure.

19. Has unpredictable mood swings. He/she experiences extreme highs and lows and refuses to get help for it.

20. Is obsessive with your whereabouts. He/she always constantly asks where you went and whom you last saw.

21. Doesn’t show appreciation. If he/she is ungrateful or even criticizes you after doing them a favor, this person is demonstrating that he/she isn’t emotionally capable of being on the receiving end without feeling guilty about it.


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