Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Scammed Woman Out of $3,000

It seems that one man thinks that being Justin Bieber’s personal bodyguard gives him the right to take advantage of women. Rumor has it that Justin’s bodyguard, Moshe Benabou, borrowed $3,000 from a Los Angeles woman but will not pay her back. Yikes!


Bieber’s bodyguard met this woman (who is keeping her name secret to protect her family) on JDate.com last April and met her in person mid-May in LA.


“The first thing he told me when we started talking was that he was Justin Bieber’s bodyguard,” said the woman. “He was very charming, and we began to date. But by August he was asking to borrow $3,000 from me. He said he had some things to take care of back in his hometown in Florida and needed to send money to his children.”


The woman is a single mother, currently unemployed.


Doesn’t it seem fishy to be asking such a huge favor from a woman one has hardly gotten the chance to know? The fact that she is an unemployed single mom makes it that much worse.


“After I gave him the money, I didn’t hear from him for five days and I knew

something was up,” the woman said. “We used to talk like 10 times a day. He was

avoiding me.”


Justin Bieber’s bodyguard borrowed the $3,000 from the woman on August 12th. Up until that point, they talked 10 times a day, but once he had the money, he avoided her like the plague. He had promised to pay it back within a month, and of course did not follow through on that promise.


“On October 5 he texted me from a foreign number and said he was in South

America with Justin and would have his secretary in Panama wire the money to me

that day. I never got the money,” the woman said. “On October 31 we met for dinner and he gave me a check for $1,000 — not even the full amount! I called his bank to make sure the check would go through and they told me the account was NSF (non-sufficient funds). So I was unable to cash the check.”


Why do women allow themselves to be played by men? If Justin’s bodyguard truly cared for this woman, he would not have asked to borrow money from her to begin with. This whole thing was fishy from the start.


“Just because he’s Justin Bieber’s bodyguard doesn’t give him the right to take advantage of single mothers all over the world!” the woman said.


True, but not just single mom’s—anyone! One would think that being a bodyguard for a celebrity like Justin Bieber would be provided with a decent paycheck, no?


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