Latin Dating Site,, Has a Solution for Men Who Love the Kim Kardashian Look

(PRWEB) October 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest and most beautiful celebrities and is the desire of men from around the world.

The problem is that Kim Kardashian is now taken .

Her wedding to NBA’s New Jersey Nets star, Kris Humphries on Aug. 20, 2011. was more than headline news, it was an event.

There was huge and ubiquitous media coverage and on full display were photos of Kim Kardashian’s face. This image of an exotic, doe eyed beauty was seared into the minds and loins of millions of men who can only look but not have a Kim Kardashian . has a solution to this problem. It’s Lilliana Cardean from Cali Colombia. She is on our website now and interested in meeting men.

She looks just like Kim Kardashian. She has the tan skin, high cheek bones, the silky long black hair, the full kissable lips and eyes that wrap around her head that will make any man dizzy with desire.

Best of all you do not have to be a millionaire celebrity to talk to her.

You can talk to Lilliana Cardean, the Kim Kardashian look a like for $13. That is the price to obtain one contact information of any member on the Latin dating website.

“An average and regular guy can get celebrity looks without being a celebrity. What an interesting idea in a world of knockoff designer bags, copycat dresses and mass imitations. Now you can have a knockoff knockout wife. That is in looks only. Personality is a different thing,” says Vania Santos of

“Lilliana Cardean is almost a spitting image of Kim Kardashian but she does not the attitude or the star ego. Lilliana is a beautiful girl but who is sweet, down to earth, approachable and regular. She is a perfect match for someone who likes the Kim Kardashian look that has become a feminine icon in recent times. Lilliana Cardena is available to meet interested men and if it works out, perhaps you can follow in bikini bride Kim Kardashian’s foot steps and holiday in Bora Bora. It will not be Bora Boring,” says Vania Santos.

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