More people prefer to date online today than in clubs and bars

Online dating seems to be increasingly gaining popularity after a survey indicated that a high number of people now prefer to meet their partners through the virtual medium rather than meeting them in bars and clubs.


With one in three singles admitting that they would rather meet their perspective partner on the Internet than anywhere else, online dating is certainly not a social taboo anymore.


Only one in six Brits prefer to meet in bars and at parties and one in 12 want to meet at nightclubs.


Three in five Brits are dating or have dated someone they met online and a staggering 84 per cent would meet someone in the real world they have chatted with virtually.


“Traditionally, meeting people online was slightly taboo,” the Daily Mail quoted Jessica Powell, CMO of dating site, who carried out the study on 2,000 people, as saying.


“However, it appears now, that more and more people see the benefits of meeting online.”

Powell cited hectic lifestyles as the reason behind this change of mindset.


“Life is so busy, people go to bars and parties to catch up with friends and don’t want to use that precious time meeting new people; they’d prefer online meeting networks to do the work for them.”


“Plus, the advantages of location based social media means that people can chat to and meet people in their local area,” she added.

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