New dating site to match funy people is a new free dating and social networking website that matches funny men and women on sense of humor personality traits. The site offers members a broad-based experience encompassing detailed profile development, advanced search, private/community chat, blogs, forums, groups, and events. In addition, there are relevant articles focusing on advice, tips, questions, and news — all in the context of understanding humor and relationships.


Humordate also provides a creative portal where users can customize the style and color of their profiles, network with friends, compose and send quizzes, answer poll questions, play video games, and upload favorite videos, music, and photos.


The interactive nature of Humordate motivates members to participate in multiple activities and chart the site’s direction. Users establish a personal profile comprised of basic background information, physical characteristics, and personality traits. Several unique factors are explored — including dream job, sense of humor style, and personality characteristics. Members are free to add events, create website forums, organize community groups, write blogs, and chat privately or publicly. is being launched as a fresh concept in online dating and social networking. The site is open to new members and welcomes feedback from the community.

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