New Online Dating Site Matches You Based on LinkedIn Profiles

It was a lucky day on Friday the 13th for start-up online dating site The site, which launched on January 13, 2012, received a welcome with a nice write-up in Mashable. was created with the hope of adding authenticity to online dating profiles by focusing on business information on LinkedIn.


I spoke with founder Navid Nadir, who has a degree in computer engineering from Queens University in Kingston, Canada. Navid is happily married with two children. Both he and his wife were frustrated as they watched their single friends navigate online dating.


“People try to hide their identities on most of the online dating sites,” said Nadir. He added, “If you want to date someone, why lie?”


Nadir pointed out that there’s a sense of trust with LinkedIn profiles. If you’re looking for a job, you typically have a resume on LinkedIn that’s accurate, as you know a hiring manager will take the necessary steps to verify your job history.


The site is simple to use. You start by logging in using LinkedIn on their home page, fill out the profile, where you can describe yourself as social, confident, reserved, insecure, or adventurous. You can view your selected matches by their LinkedIn profiles or on their personal profiles created on the dating site.


Instead of paying monthly for their service, members purchase credits in a pay-as-you-go format. Their 3 levels are:


Beginner: $10 for 500 credits

So Much for So Less: $25 for 2000 credits

Guaranteed Satisfaction: $50 for 4000 credits


So how many potential dates can you actually meet on the credit system?


For 20 credits, you get just a “smile.” It’s their way of flirting. For 50 credits, you get a “pitch,” the opportunity to send a 200-word email to the object-of-your-affection. For 100 credits, you’ll get the “Private Presentation” complete with a YouTube video and up to 3 additional images.

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