Smart Phones and Dumb People – Online Dating Site Says Less People Are Cheating; Yet More Are Getting Caught

It’s amazing. In this era of superior technology, that a person’s low-tech way of thinking will ultimately be his or her downfall in any nefarious endeavor that person may be involved in. This goes especially for those who may be cheating, or merely thinking about cheating on a partner. One online dating site, has seen a significant rise in the number of people who have been caught cheating on a spouse despite a survey conducted among both male and female members that shows the number of their members actually committing acts of infidelity is declining compared to society in general. The survey also reveals that the most common reason for a person getting caught is that they leave incriminating evidence on their cell phone. It would seem that the smarter phones get, the stupider people become.

During this survey asked a random sampling of over 25,000 members, (of which 64% were male), if they had ever been caught cheating on a partner. Of the 4500 that responded in the affirmative, nearly 58% admitted it was due to information or pictures that were left on their cell phones. Steven Pasternack, CEO of is quick to point out that while this dating site does not condone infidelity, it is also not the moral compass of society. Mr. Pasternack states that “our website is here to assist in the building of new relationships for attractive and upscale individuals, not to tear existing ones apart.” However, he also went on to say that he is amazed at how people who engage in such activities leave all common sense, along with obvious evidence behind.

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