Sparkology Launches Exclusive Dating Community in New York City

NEW YORK, Nov 01, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today marks a new era of dating for singles in New York City. For years, singles have had to put up with pick up lines at bars or junk mail and fake profiles on dating websites, but now there is hope. Today, Sparkology moves from private to public beta with 500 registered members. In under a month, Sparkology has created a name for itself and New York’s most eligible single men and women are taking notice.


Sparkology was created to address the unique needs of young professionals and empower the rise of the modern lady and gentleman. The company completely re-engineered the model of online dating by tackling (i) quality (ii) interaction dynamics and (iii) social discovery to deliver the best online dating experience for the city’s most ambitious, creative and successful singles.




i. All of Sparkology’s men are verified grads of top universities –

this means that women only interact with men who have ‘potential’.

To further regulate quality, the site is invite-only – only the

city’s most socially connected singles get access

ii. An innovative pricing model whereby men use paid “Sparks” to

initiate conversations, effectively eliminating e-dating spam. Women

receive meaningful interactions from men that are genuinely

interested and men have higher response rates

iii. Behavioral algorithms let your actions augment your words. Just like

Pandora or Netflix help you discover music and movies, Sparkology

helps you find your perfect match – even with a simple one-page





Founder and President of Sparkology, Alex Furmansky, said, “Successful professionals deserve a better experience than the stale, mass-market elephants in the online dating arena can offer. With the outpouring of support at our launch party and the number of personal referrals on our site, people are showing they value quality over quantity, and proving us to be the best online dating experience for young professionals.”


Sparkology adds value for members with dating concierges that offer ideas for fresh and innovative dates as well as one-on-one support both online and off. The company hosts exciting experience-based events where members and their guests can mingle in a casual, no pressure atmosphere. Lastly, advice columns written by dating professionals answer any member inquiries.


“While other sites focus on advertising, we focus on customer needs, technology, and service. Our clients are our best spokespeople,” says Alex.

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