Students turn to a digital cupid

Alex Broches noticed something out of the ordinary while browsing Google Analytics. A large number of the users on the dating site he created for students in northern Illinois came from the University of Minnesota.


Broches’ site,, has 4,000 registered users from all over the country. The demographics are mostly spread out, he said. But a concentration of more than 200 users is University of Minnesota students, he said.


Broches said he doesn’t know where the trend comes from, but said there is a trend of college students adopting online dating because of long hours of schoolwork and less time for a social life.


Josh Klapperick, a psychology major at the University, said the negative social stigma about online dating is still alive among college students. He said that he’s had a tough time explaining his profile on the dating site OkCupid to some.


“They immediately perceive that you must have some weird thing about you,” Klapperick said. “But I think, as a society, we’ve moved past the point where it’s easy to walk up to somebody and just introduce yourself.”


A busy schedule and his friends’ successes with online dates led Klapperick to create his own profile.


“It was just an easier option,” he said.


He said meeting someone online was sometimes an easier way to start a first date — it’s like sharing an inside joke, he said.


Online dating has been a lucrative business for many growing dating sites over the past decade., owned by the internet conglomerate InterActiveCorp, netted $400 million in 2010 revenue, and had more than 1.7 million subscribers. The parent company bought OkCupid for more than $50 million in cash in February.


Rival site made more than $250 million in 2009.


Broches is hoping to enter the industry on a more major scale, and is currently courting potential investors. Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks, is a potential source, Broches said.


His site requires users to sign in through Facebook, which allows students to feel safe, and certain that they aren’t being fooled by a fake profile, he said.


“It’s a very straightforward site,” Broches said. “It’s really aimed at students who might be a little more shy in class.”


Andy Burns, a business major at the University, also tried his luck online. He said he recently signed up for after having little success on sites like OkCupid and


The new site requires a college email address to join and has more than 20,000 users.


“There’s no stigma with this site. It’s clearer who you’re talking to,” he said.


Burns said the growth of social media has made it harder to meet new people in real life.


“Everyone’s getting away from face-to-face interactions and looking for less risky ways to communicate, like texting or Facebook,” he said.

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