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White Label Dating Sites, how to make money / Rev Share.

A lot of people have been setting up white label dating sites the last few years. The most important factor in making money doing this is something most new people don’t even realize they can change.

1. Never ever agree to the default terms a white label dating service offers you. By default the rates are as low as 50-50% rev share. We won’t even talk to a company unless the rates are closer to 80%-20. The majority of the major sites on these platforms are closer to that rate. 30% may not seem like much but if your site was earning 100,000 a year you now get paid $80,000 a year instead of $50,000 a year. If you had $45,000 in expensives that left you with $5,000 in profit. If you where at 80% revshare your profit is now $35,000 because you earned a extra $30,000

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