The IceBreak iPhone app helps couples keep the flame alive

So far we’ve seen quite a few dating apps, some of which simply extend online dating service to the mobile screen and some that are built from the ground up to include real-time location to the mix. What about existing couples? I don’t recall seeing any app that would help people “manage” their relationships.

Enter IceBreak for Couples, a new iPhone app that promises to keep couples connected by rewarding them [couples] with real-world rewards for sharing with each other, discovering new things about their relationship, and going out and doing activities together.

The application doesn’t want to replace real-world interaction — rather, the goal is to complement and amplify it with activities. For instance, it will present couples with personality-type questions to answer like “What’s the sexiest part of your partner’s body?” or “What’s your ideal Sunday morning together?” Moreover, couples will be prompted to privately snap and share pictures of their day with each other, so that they get a glimpse into each other’s days even when they are apart.

In addition, IceBreak will also help its users remember important information like clothing sizes, anniversaries, ring sizes and birthdays…

Love the idea and can nothing but suggest existing iCouples to give it a try. As far as I see, there’s nothing to lose – only to make your relationship even better

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