What’s Your Price? Dating Site Lets You Pay Up Front for Women, and We Still Strike Out

Modern dating is a jumble of websites, speed dating, matchmakers, online personals, and even more recently, quick sex meet-up apps on cell phones. Even with all this new electronic dating technology, the pattern still remains essentially the same: Boy meets girl, boy takes girl out, boy tries to have sex with girl, girl says no, boy mopes and begs, and then girl eventually gives it up out of a sense of obligation.


Then, while listening to satellite radio, I heard an advertisement for a website called What’s Your Price? The idea is very simple: Normal looking men make financial offers for first dates with beautiful women. They sell it as men bidding on dates with beautiful women like a charity auction, while women field monetary offerings weighing how seriously a guy wants to date them.


Of course, it is also obvious that What’s Your Price? is just a stone’s throw away from being an escort service.


I had to find out why any woman would be on this site, so I went ahead and made my free profile. It was fairly simple; the oddest part of the process was deciding whether I was an “Attractive Male” or a “Generous Male.” The women on the site are actually very beautiful, and in the first couple of days I immediately received several “winks” (invitations to make a bid on a first date) from women that are typically way out of my league.


After going back and forth with some girls I settled for a 25-year-old Eastern European model named “Lana.” We agreed to a $60 “fee,” and made plans to meet at Books and Books on Lincoln Road. My goal for the night was to make up for how much I was giving her by doing the absolute cheapest things possible.

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