Will love survive the holidays? Dating poll could help

No one likes to be alone for the holidays. That’s why many will hold off on a break up until after January 1. How many will have their hearts broken in that chilly first month of the year is difficult to project. But, online social dating site Zoosk.com polled 2,500 singles to come up with these stats that could make or break a date.

Most singles hope to bring a date to a holiday party, but will it be you?

Perhaps not if you are too sexy for the party. A significant 39 percent of men polled say they would be leaving you at home out of fear co-workers might hit on you.

While 49 percent of women polled said they’d rather go solo because they would be mortified if their date got drunk at the party. So, keep your cheer in check if you want an invite.

The holidays are all about family, and singles are taking that seriously – as they should. You’ll see no love if you’re rude to your girlfriend’s family. Men and women agree that it’s a deal-breaker if you are rude to your date’s parents, don’t get along with their sisters and brothers, or don’t like the family pet. Bye, bye!

Everything checking out so far?

Well then, proceed with caution to the movie theatre.

Zoosk says those polled gave comedies a thumbs up when it comes to holiday movie dates.


What’s on the marquee?

– 35 percent say “New Year’s Eve”

– 30 percent voted for “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas”

– 26 percent said they’ll go for Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill”

Those singles who are looking for snuggle time with their sweetie chose “A Christmas Story” (29 percent) and “Elf” (26 percent) says Zoosk.

The San Francisco-based company claims to have subscribers in 70 countries. But no matter which of 25 languages subscribers use, ‘Let’s just be friends” is painfully easy to translate. Maybe this advice will help your romance endure…at least through Valentine’s Day.

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