YouLoveMe.Com Offers College Students and Teenagers the Chance to Date for Dollars

YouLoveMe.Com is a sensational high school and college dating site completely dedicated to young adults. It is the only exclusive dating site geared towards high school kids on the Internet and there is only one other college dating site in existence. Members must be between the ages of 18 and 25 in order to join. Over 25, well this is not the site for you! YouLoveMe.Com only accepts and caters to the interests of high school and college kids. So if that’s who you are and who you like don’t hesitate another moment.

When you join YouLoveMe.Com you will be part of an elite group comprised of the youngest, hippest, and coolest members to the best dating social networking site on the Internet.

Dollars for Dating- YouLoveMe.Com shares it revenues with members every month via PayPal. If you completely fill out your member profile information and add 5 friends you can earn between $1 to $20 on your very first month of membership. After the first month, continue to add friends and upload videos and you will get paid every month.

Tired of looking at meaningless pictures on dating websites that have no substance? Now is the time to make a change. YouLoveMe.Com is the latest most modern singles site on the Internet completely and solely dedicated to young people. Combining all the latest social networking tools along with personalized profile pages, YouLoveMe.Com is not only free, members can “Connect and Collect”.

Getting to know someone in this fast-paced, hectic, ever-changing world can not only be difficult but often impossible. With YouLoveMe.Com creating a profile page and utilizing other social networking tools allows young people to establish who they are, as they look for love. Millions of people use The Internet to find their soul mate, so why not make your first impression one that will last a “cyber” lifetime on YouLoveMe.Com.

On YouLoveMe.Com, you can view the top 100 of all members on the site, as are recommended by users. Profiles are in depth, and usually include videos and photographs that are often rated by other members. Videos include information on everything from past to future: favorite memories and future dreams. You can even post an opinion or rate those you have dated, whether you dated them once or twice!

YouLoveMe.Com is a new breed social networking and dating site mixing free online dating, high school dating, college dating, university dating and social networking all in one site.

YouLoveMe.Com is looking for Angel Investors. Are you ready to partner with us?

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