Zoosk ‘Singles Primary’ Survey Discovers that the Obamas Are America’s #1 Choice for a Double Date

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — As the Republican primaries near, Zoosk, the romantic social network, recently surveyed more than 4,000 U.S. singles to gather their thoughts on the presidential candidates. Questions ranged from which candidate has the best hairdo, to which contending couple would make for the best double date, to who has the best sense of humor. The survey findings include:

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Singles say the Obamas would be their first choice couple for a double date.

38% of singles say they would choose a double date with the Obamas over any of the other presidential candidate couples.

16% of singles would choose to enjoy an evening out with the Bachmanns for a double date.

9% of singles would pick the Pauls; the Gingrichs, Perrys and Romneys each received 8% of singles’ vote for double date companions.

Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney have the “best hairdos” among the Republican candidates.

35% of singles give Michele Bachmann their vote for best hairstyle. She is followed by Mitt Romney (21%) and Rick Perry (15%).

Rick Santorum received the fewest votes for his “do,” nabbing just 4% of the vote.

Republican men prefer Newt Gingrich, Republican women prefer Mitt Romney for the GOP nominee.

When asked, “If you were to vote today, who would receive your vote?”…

Republican men gravitated towards Newt Gingrich with 33% of men saying the former Speaker of the House is their top choice compared to 18% of men who would choose Romney.

Republican women have a slight preference for Mitt Romney with the former Governor of Massachusetts gathering 25% of the Republican female votes compared to 24% of women who would chose Gingrich.

Who’s the “sexiest” candidate?

Clearly, Michele Bachmann gets the sexiest female candidate vote, but 41% of single women say President Obama is the sexiest candidate among the 2012 contenders.

Singles vote President Barack Obama as having the “best sense of humor” among the candidates.

30% of singles say President Obama has the best sense of humor among all the presidential candidates.

15% of singles prefer Newt Gingrich’s humor.

Tied for third place with 12% each of the “best sense of humor” vote are Rick Perry and Ron Paul.

Singles wish Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were on the ballot.

When asked who they wish were on the ballot in 2012, 57% of singles who identify themselves as Democrats and 30% of singles who identify themselves as Independents say Hillary Clinton.

30% of single Republicans say they wish Donald Trump were running for president in 2012.

More singles than ever plan to vote in the 2012 presidential election.

Compared to 64(1)% of Americans who voted in the 2008 presidential election, singles are a politically active group. An equal percentage of single men and women (87%) say they plan to vote next year.

The data for this report was conducted online in December 2011 and fielded 4,218 responses from singles in the U.S. who use Zoosk. Respondents were equally divided among political parties with 30% being Democrat, 34% being Republican and 36% being Independent.

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