Zoosk Survey Uncovers Singles’ Biggest Fears About Bringing a Date to a Holiday Party

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — As the holidays grow near, Zoosk, the social dating network, recently surveyed more than 2,500 singles to gather their thoughts on the best – and the worst – of the holiday dating scene.


“The holidays can be an especially stressful time for singles as they navigate bringing a date to a holiday party, selecting the right gift for a date, or even bringing someone home to meet the parents,” said Jeff Titterton, VP of Marketing at Zoosk. “Zooskers weighed in on how they feel about these tricky situations and the results of this survey hopefully give guidance to others who plan to have an active dating life this holiday season.”


The survey findings include:


The majority of singles plan to bring a date to a holiday party this year.


58% of singles say they plan to bring a date to a holiday party this year, be it the office holiday party, a gathering among friends or a New Year’s Eve Bash.


Men and women have a few fears about bringing a date to the office holiday party.


39% of men say they would not bring their date to the office party because they are “afraid that co-workers would hit on her.”


49% of women say that they would not bring a date to the office party because they would be “mortified if my date got drunk at the party.”


If you’re brought home to meet the family, bad behavior could get you the boot.


69% of women say they would break up with a guy if they brought him home for the holidays and he was rude to their parents, didn’t get along with their siblings, or didn’t like the family pet.


60% of men say the same.


Men and women agree – the worst offense of all is if a date is rude to your parents. Game over.


Comedies reign supreme for movie dates this holiday season.


35% of singles say the celebrity-packed New Year’s Eve movie is the best choice for a movie date this holiday season.


30% of singles say they would pick A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas as the best date film.


26% of singles would choose the Adam Sandler movie, Jack & Jill, for a date night at the movies.


Of singles who prefer to snuggle up with their date and watch a holiday-themed movie at home, 29% would pick the classic film A Christmas Story and 26% would choose Elf.


Singles welcome the mistletoe!


While some may avoid walking under mistletoe, they’re probably not single! 82% of single men and 76% of single women say they welcome mistletoe because it’s a great excuse to give somebody a kiss.


The data for this report was collected in two separate surveys conducted by Zoosk online in August 2011 and in October 2011. The August survey fielded 1,000 responses from singles in the U.S. who use Zoosk; the October survey fielded 2,591 responses from singles in the U.S. who use Zoosk.


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